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Featured Distributor, Cindy Watson

Cindy joined SeneGence as an Independent Distributor, less than one year ago but has already quickly promoted up in the Royal ranks and is developing a growing downline. Her goal is to achieve the rank of Crown Princess. Cindy states “everyone who knows me knows I’m all about makeup.” She had tried using and selling many other products before finding SeneGence. Once she began using LipSense and was flooded with compliments and inquiries on where people could get it, she chose to become a Distributor. She always offers new people she meets the choice to become a Customer and buy at retail, or become a Distributor and enjoy a generous discount. She finds that almost everyone chooses to save. Her tip for success is to “really try and put myself out there in a positive way” and she believes that this business is “just what I was looking for when I was looking for something in my life.”

Cindy is a true inspiration and positive motivator for her downline and extended network of fellow Distributors and Customers. Let’s get to know her a little better:

f you were stranded on a deserted island what would you take with you?

SeneGence Cosmetic Products: LipSense. Especially my upcoming Make It Mine LipSense shade that I got to create!

SeneDerm SkinCare Product: EyeCrème. Never have I used a product that I could actually see the difference so clearly! I get asked all the time if I have had my eyes done.

Snack: I'm torn between dark chocolate covered berries or cherry hard candies.

Drink: Flavored water. Pomegranate is my favorite.

One other thing you would take with you: My smart phone, because it has my music and my exercise application. I jog almost every day. Of course there would be no way to charge my phone … so in that case it would be my running shoes.

What's your favorite physical feature on yourself?

My eyes. Sometimes they look black, they are so brown, and other times they look hazel.

What would you say is yourbest attribute/characteristic?

I am a very direct and straight forward person, which doesn't allow for miscommunication. No game playing here!

What's one thing people may not know about you?

I am really shy and guarded. If I don't know you, I will not approach you first, although I may want to. SeneGence has helped me in this respect a lot. My self confidence has grown over the years, first by being a nurse and now recently by being a Distributor.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

Being a mother. I have a son, Matt, 26, and I got to care for him and his sister Lexie. Matt chose to follow in my footsteps and become a Registered Nurse. For Lexie, I was so blessed that God allowed myself and Randy, my husband , to take care of one of his precious angels, if only for a little while! Taking care of her while she had a terminal illness, living through it all and surviving it, has made me personally a more compassionate and caring individual as well as a stronger nurse.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“One...One tree can start a forest; One smile can start a friendship; One hand can lift a soul; One word can frame the goal; One candle can wipe out darkness; One laugh can conquer gloom; One hope can raise our spirits; One touch can show you care; One life can make the difference, BE THAT ONE TODAY!”

How did you discover LipSense and SeneGence?

I discovered LipSense through Jennifer Rhea, a fellow Distributor. She invited me to her house, time after time. Finally I relented. I had to be the model and griped the whole time, but bought it all! I loved the LipSense. At first, I was only doing it for the discount, but then I starting selling a ton of LipSense to my friends. Not long after, I had my launch Demo and started selling it all- SenseCosmetics and SeneDerm SkinCare!

How long have you been a Distributor?

This is my first year in business!

What's your favorite incentive or perk about being a Distributor ?

I get to meet so many different people when I go to monthly meetings, and get to travel to California for events. Plus, I win trips and am able to actually encourage others to be the best they can be!

How many people do you have in your Downline?


How/where do you get the majority of your business?

The majority of my business is from the hospital where I work.

What did you do before becoming a SeneGence Distributor ?

I am a registered nurse, certified in Critical Care and Obstetrics. I have worked at the same hospital for 35 years!

What's one SeneSuccess secret you could share with your fellow Distributors (how to be successful in the SeneGence Business)?

Just be yourself. Don't try to memorize a bunch of information, facts or figures. Don't make it so hard. I never mention the words "sell” or “distributor". I just show what works for me and let people see my enthusiasm for the products. Then, I offer them a choice: wholesale or retail. Almost everyone wants a discount! If you really love the products and use them faithfully, people will see the difference in your skin, and they will want whatever it is you are using. Simple as that.

What is one unique and successful way you market your business?

I constantly post on Facebook, and I try to craft interesting posts that will catch peoples’ eyes- not necessarily only pictures of the makeup. I find that motivational or funny posts get others’ attention first, and then they read what I have to add about SeneGence.

Have you been on any of the SeneGence trips? If so, which has been your favorite?

I went to PIT Stop in July in Irvine, California. I met a ton of great women, including Joni Rogers-Kante. She is so uplifting, motivational, and real. Also, I was so humbled and overjoyed to have won the Make It Mine contest. It was a very emotional and healing event for me. To get to share my story and have the response I received from a group of women that I hardly knew, was overwhelming and surreal. I will cherish those memories forever!


NEVER have I been involved with a group who is there to help you in every way, like the SeneGence group is. Everyone is so thoughtful, sensitive to others, and a joy to be around. Senegence is like my other extended family, and I'm so thankful to have found it. The cosmetics and skin care are just the icing on the cake!

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